Please, follow the next rules during the setting RF after you have bought it  and installed.

First – bear RF only on the corner fittings. It is not recommended to use center supports in the center of the container otherwise it can be broken as container power framework has maximum strength at the (6-12mm) little drooping of container center part and at the pushing out of the container center part.

It happens very often in winter, in case of ground freezing, the center support of the refrigerated container can damage side walls.

Second -  the doorframe must be horizontal to open and close the door easily. It can be checked either by the carpenter’s level or close the door and check the level of the sealing rubbers – they must be on the same level.

Third – the lengthway can be differed from the horizontal level for 2-3 degree.

At the container’s sanitation and washing, the water can be poured out into the drain orifices, which are in all four floor’s corners of cargo section.

Fourth – the power supply (380W/ 50 Hz) for container must be done according to the following rules.  For this, prepare the automatic circuit breaker (25 A, 380 W, 3 f.)  beforehand in the water-proof frame with enclosure protection degree not less than 1P44 and connected to the power supply (380W, 3F, 50Hz). Inspite of the container has its own cable (12-18m) and automatic circuit breaker which preferably must be installed in the water-proof and fall-out proof place and closely to the installation place of the container so that you can switch off the current quickly in case of the hazard or electrical shock hazard. The electric cable of the container has four wires, three of them (colorful) are connected to the automatic circuit -breaker (380W), the fourth one with green-yellow marks (container frame) must be connected to the ground terminal. The automatic circuit-breaker must be three-phased and rated for the nominal current 25A. It is strictly forbidden to use three one-phased circuit-breakers or fuse-links.  The phasing of connection to the three-wired automatic unit makes no difference as the automatic equipment of the refrigerating unit has its own phasing system.

Refrigerated container operational guideline.

The container switching on – switching off is done with the switch ST (Start-Stop), which is on the front panel of the control unit. It is necessary to switch off container or set the forced melting mode at the continued door’s opening during loading-unloading as noted in the optional manual.

It is recommended, at the frequent door’s opening (f.e. goods issue) after the last door’s opening, to switch on hand-operated melting mode, so that the container operates with clean condenser not covered with snow during the night for the effective work. Please, contact us in case of any troubles, we will help you.